Computer vision advances fast and will most probably disrupt your business as well. Get ready!

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Let us discuss your current business challenges

And see where our tailored vision solutions will help you drive customer experience or optimize your processes.


Book a workshop with us. We present the possibilities and limitations of current state of the art computer vision solutions and discuss with your team the possible applications at your business.


VI on edge

In a few years, most of the recognition calls will not target our cloud API anymore but will be answered directly on device. We delivered multiple edge solutions to our partners already today and we are happy to discuss what we can do for you.


Continuous learning & delivery

New network architectures, algorithms or optimization strategies for visual intelligence are published daily. Any 6 months old network is out of date and inferior in performance. To keep up with research we use our continuous learning & delivery pipeline. To efficiently develop custom solutions for you, and to keep them up to date with latest research results.

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