We give search the power of sight.



The human eye is nothing short of amazing.

Vision is among the most complex of human faculties. It makes sense of shape, color, dimension and context, transcending language and cultural bias.

At nyris we strive to emulate this awesome capability in the digital world, animating the search experience and making it more natural and vibrant.

Something so complex requires broad expertise. But it also requires ingenuity, creativity and a passion for giving search the power of sight.

We humans are highly visual creatures. And there is great potential for visual search to enhance many aspects of our life.


High performance visual search engine for your website or app.


Go visual. Boost your business.

Visual search creates a smooth path between what we see and the information we need. We can set up a visual search index for you with a single image for every of your products or spare parts.


By developers, for developers.

Add visual search to your website, app or messenger bot within an hour. With readily available customer support, we are dedicated toward maintaining a developer-first solution.


Search through millions of products in milliseconds.

We developed the nyris search engine for outstanding precision, speed and scalability. Our proprietary multi-algorithm platform is a highly flexible tool that transforms visual information into a powerful asset for your business.

Serving visual search requests from more than 50 countries

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Use Cases

Businesses that have taken the next step toward the future

Field Service Department

Part identification within Field Service support for escalator manufacturer

Challenge: Significant time loss due to inefficient part identification processes, long equipment downtimes. User: Field Service Technician. Key benefit: Reduction of elevator off-times.


Boost your aftersales

Assessing and reporting information regarding spare parts or assemblies usually is a time consuming and non-productive task, both for your employees, suppliers and valued customers. With Visual AI this process becomes faster and more precise.

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Connect with your supporters

Offer your biggest fans a better way to connect with your content across all channels.

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B2B Customer Service Department

Swiss plant manufacturer utilizes part identification to offer a highly reactive customer service

Challenge: High amount of unspecified customer requests containing insufficient information about spare parts leads to increased non-productive communication between the customer and customer service. User: B2B Customer Service Manager. Key benefit: Faster and less error-prone processing of service tickets. Key benefit for nyris customer: Reduction in incorrect part orders.

B2C Customer Service Department

Fast access to spare parts information in customer service process in reference to furniture production company

Challenge: Significant number of customer requests related to spare parts, during which the request’s average process time is too long. This means that service staff are tied up with non-turnover-related activities. User: B2C Customer Service Manager, in mid-term perspective also the consumer. Key benefit for user: Process time saving. Key benefit for nyris customer: Cost saving through efficiency uplift.